Bridal Finery - Nancy Rodrigues Spirito



Fanciful details such as lace, embroidery and beading are setting the tone for the return to glamorous occasions. An infusion of vintage elements are not only prevalent in dresses but are visible in accessories as well. Lace shrugs, lace and embroidered gloves, purses, and shoe embellishments along with beaded and jeweled hair accessories are key in creating a unified look with effective precision.


Overwhelmed??? Peace of Mind Advice......

A wedding day is one day; memories are a lifetime. Enjoy each stage of the planning by celebrating each time you complete a wedding planning "chore" on your list. Invite a friend, sister, mom or fiancÚ to join you over a pitcher of your favorite beverage, a cup of chai or for a fine meal. Have fun with the planning stages, as these moments can be as memorable as the actual day. ENJOY!

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